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Ever since the 50s of the last century, Bing Zhi, Chen Zhen, Chen Shixiang, Liu Chongle, Cai Banghua, Zheng Zuoxin and Zhang Guangxue in the laboratory, were elected successively as committee members or academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences. More than 6,000 scientific papers and 300 monographs have been published. Besides, scientists from the laboratory received 8 Science Conference Awards in China, 6 State Science and Technology Progress Awards, 4 Natural Science Awards, 54 Science and Technology Progress Awards of CAS, as well as more than 100 other scientific research achievements awards at provincial or ministerial level.

Lab organized and finished a series of large-scale scientific surveys including the Survey in the Qinghai-Tibeta High Plateau, in the Hengduan Mountains, in the Shiwandashan Mountains and etc. Lab members compiled and published major parts of Fauna Sinica, Economic Fauna Sinica, Economic Insect Fauna Sinica as well as many kinds of local fauna and science popular works. All of these make great contributions to the survey, protection and utilization of animal resources, the management of pest animals and the development of animal sciences in China.

In recent 5 years, lab members have made great contribution in the field of Zoological Systematics and Evolution in China. Above 269 SCI papers, 347 national core journals, 13 volumes of Fauna Sinica and other 15 monographs were published to date. In addition, lab licensed 3 patents.

Meanwhile, since 2003, lab has obtained 150 grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the National Natural Sciences Foundation of China, CAS and etc. The total funds of these projects reached 130,000,000 RMB yuan. Lab members received 3 second prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award in China, 1 first prize of Railway Science and Technology Achievement Award from the Railway Ministry and 1 first prize of Science and Technology Programs Award of Shaanxi Province.

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