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Currently 14 research groups have been designated in the lab:

Group of Systematics and Evolution of Aphids ( PI, Prof. Gexia Qiao )

Group of Co-evolution and Molecular Systematics ( PI, Prof. Dawei, Huang )

Group of Morphology and Evolution of Beetles ( PI, Prof. Xingke Yang )

Group of Invertebrate Zoology ( PI, Prof. Shuqiang, Li )

Group of Cicadas ( PI, Prof. Aiping Liang )

Group of Lepidoptera Systematics ( PI, Prof. Dayong Xue )

Group of Identification & Management of Invasive Alien Species ( PI, Prof. Runzhi Zhang )

Group of Ornithological Research ( PI, Prof. Fuming Lei )

Group of Molecular Systematics and Evolution of Beetles ( PI, Prof. Hongzhang Zhou )

Group of Mammalogy ( PI, Prof. Qisen Yang )

Group on Evolution of Functional Insect Groups ( PI, Prof. Chaodong Zhu )

Group of Computational Evolutionary Genomics ( PI, Prof. Yong Zhang )

Group of Avian Adaptation and Functional Genomics ( PI, Prof. Yanhua Qu )

Group of Evolutionary and Population Genomics ( PI, Prof. Weiwei Zhai )

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