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Group Member
Ge Deyan
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Ge Deyan

GE, De-Yan
+86-10-64807225  /  +86-10-64807099
104 Box, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 25 Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100101.
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Associate professor. Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zoology, 2012.1- Current.
Assistant Professor. Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zoology, 2011.8-2011.12.
Postdoctoral researcher. Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zoology, 2009.8-2011.7. (Supervised by Pro. Qisen Yang)
Ph.D. Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zoology, 2006.9-2009.7; (Co-supervised by Prof. Xingke Yang in IOZCAS and Prof. Alfried P. Vogler in the Imperial College London and Natural History Museum of London, UK)
M.S. Guizhou University, Institute of Zoology, Zoology, 2003.9-2006.7; (Supervised by Prof. Xiangsheng Chen)
B.S. Huaibei Normal University, Department of Life Sciences,Biology, 1999.9-2003.7.

Research Interests:

My recent study aims to:
(1). infer the historical biogeography of different eco-type groups of small mammals in China based on fossils and molecular data.
(2). study the morphological evolution of mammals (including body form, size and shape variation of important organs), and to identify the phylogenetic and ecological concordance of these form changes.
(3). compare the phylogeographic structure in the representative species of different eco-type groups, and to trace back the historical global environmental change which induced population expansion or contraction, gene flow, and transformation of distribution patterns in these animals.
(4).use genomic data to understant the diet, parasites, evolution history and population genetics of small mammals in China.

Professional Activities:
Associate editor of the Journal of Zoology (2019/01-2021/12).
On the editorial board of Acta Theriologica Sinica (2019/01-2021/12).

Research Grants:
  1. National Natural Science Foundation of China (31872958, 2019/01-2022/12), Adaptive radiation and population genetics of different ecotypes in the Rattini tribe (Rodentia: Murinae). (Principle Investigator).
  2. Newton Advanced Fellowship of the Royal Society, UK (NA150142, 2016/02-2020/01), Interpreting the evolution of forage selection in small mammals. (Principle Investigator).
  3. Exploring the biodiversity of small mammals in Wolong National Nature reserve. (2014/06-2016/05, Principle Investigator).
  4. National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 31272289, 2013/01-2016/12): Evolution history of squirrels in response to global environmental change (First Participant).
  5. National Natural Science Foundation of China for Young Scientist (No. 31101629, 2012/01-2014/12): Morphological evolution and integration in the skull of Lagomorpha (Principle Investigator).
  6. The 46th Chinese Postdoctoral Science Fund (2009/07 -2011/12): Interpreting the adaptive evolution of Lagomorpha using geometric morphometrics.

Selected Publications:
  1. Feijó, A., Wang, Y., Sun, J., Li, F., Wen, Z., Ge, D.Y., Xia, L., Yang, Q. S*. 2019. Research trends on bats in China: a twenty-first century review. Mammalian Biology. doi:10.1016/j.mambio.2019.09.002
  2. He, Y., Hu, S.Z., Ge, D. Y*, Yang, Q. S., Connor, T., Zhou, C. Q*. 2019. Evolutionary history of Spalacidae inferred from fossil occurrences and molecular phylogeny. Mammal Review. doi: 10.1111/mam.12170.
  3. Kumar, B. K., Cheng, J. L., Ge, D. Y., Xia, L, Yang, Q, S*. 2019. Phylogeography and ecological niche modeling unravel the evolutionary history of the Yarkand hare, Lepus yarkandensis (Mammalia: Leporidae), through the Quaternary. BMC Evolutionary Biology 19(1):113.
  4. Ge, D. Y., Feijó, A., Cheng, J., Lu, L., Liu, R., Abramov, A.V., Xia, L., Wen, Z., Zhang, W., Shi, L., Yang, Q. S*. 2019. Evolutionary history of field mice (Murinae: Apodemus), with emphasis on morphological variation among species in China and description of a new species. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. 187: 518–534.
  5. Ge, D. Y., Lu, L., Xia, L., Du, Y. B., Wen, Z. X., Cheng, J. L., Abramov, A. V., Yang, Q. S*. 2018. Molecular phylogeny, morphological diversity, and systematic revision of a species complex of common wild rat species in China (Rodentia, Murinae). Journal of Mammalogy, 99(6): 1350–1374.
  6. Ge, D. Y., Lu, L., Abramov, A. V., Wen, Z. X., Cheng, J. L., Xia, L., Vogler, A. P., Yang, Q. S*. 2018. Coalesence Models reveal the rise of the white-bellied rat (Niviventer confucianus) following the loss of Asian megafauna. Journal of Mammalian Evolution. 26:423–434.
  7. Zhu, K.L., Ge, D. Y., Wen, Z.X., Xia, L, Yang, Q. S*. 2018. Evolutionary Genetics of Hypoxia and Cold Tolerance in Mammals. Journal of Molecular Evolution 86(9):618-634.
  8. Feijó, A., Wen, Z., Cheng, J., Ge, D. Y., Xia, L., Yang, Q. S*. 2019. Divergent selection along elevational gradients promotes genetic and phenotypic disparities among small mammals populations. Ecology and Evolution. 10.1002/ece3.5273.
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