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Group of Morphology and Evolution of Beetles
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Prof. Yang Xingke
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International Collaboration
We have collaborated widely with many international colleagues since 2003, such as: Alfired P Vogler, Frank T. Krell from United Kingdom; Olle Pellmyr, David Kavanagh, David Furth and Alexander S Konstantinov from USA; Rolf Beutel and Dirk Ahrens from Germany; Michel Brancucci from Switzerland; Olivier Montreuil from France; John Lawrence and Adam Ślipiński from Australia; Richard Leschen from New Zealand; Andrea Frolov and Alexander G. Kirejtshuk from Russia; Ohara Masahiro and Masaaki Tomokuni from Japan. Those collaborations include visiting, collection and publishing with each other improves the research level of our group, and elevates our group to an international beetle research centre. In addition, these kinds of collaborations push the research level of the beetle phylogeny of China to an advanced level worldwide.
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