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Group of Molecular Systematics and Evolution of Beetles
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Research Projects
On-going projects: 

State Key Basic Research and Development Plan (no. G2000046801): "Dynamics and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity and Regional Ecological Security in the Yangtze Valley".

Major program (no. 39893360) of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) "Biodiversity and its protection in some key regions in China". Fauna Sinica, volume Histeridae, Coleoptera.

National Natural Science Foundation of China (no. 39970090) "Phylogeny and functional morphology of the subfamiles of Staphylinidae.

Projects finished: 

A total of fifteen different projects have been completed in the next ten years. These projects were supported both by the national and international organizations and governments. The researches were mainly concerned molecular systematics and macroevolution of insects, beetle taxonomy of Staphylinidae, Histeridae, Syntelidae, Carabinae, and Eumolpidae, Species diversity, and Forensic Entomology

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