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Group of Co-evolution and Molecular Systematics
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Prof. Huang Dawei
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  1993-1998, Xiao, H., Systematics, Ph.D.
  1996-1999, Zhu, C.-D., Systematics, Ph. D.
  1997-2000, Zhang, Yan-Zhou, Systematics, Ph. D.
  2000-2003, Chen, Yan, Phylogeny, Ph. D.
  2001-2004, Niu, Ze-Qing, Systematics, Ph. D.
        Zhen, Wen-Quan, Behavior, Ph. D.
        Xin, Wen, Biotechnology, Ph. D.
  2002-2005, Sha, Zhong-Li, Molecular Phylogeny, Ph. D.
        Jiang, Zi-Feng, Molecular Phylogeny, Ph. D.
        Dou, Xiang-Mei, Molecular Phylogeny, Ph. D. candidate, graduated.
  2003-2006, Zhang, Tong-Xin, Ecology, Ph. D.
  2004-2007, Chen, Lin-Lin, Endosymbiont, Ph. D.
        Yu, Hao, Molecular Ecology, Ph. D.
  2002-2007, Xiao, Jin-Hua, Molecular Systematics, Ph. D.
  2003-2008, Zhang, Yi-Ming, Biotechnology, Ph. D.
  2005-2008, Niu, Li-Ming, Ecology, Ph. D.
        Hu, Hao-Yuan, Ecology, Ph. D.
  2004-2009, Gen, Liang, Biotechnology, Ph. D.
  2006-2009, Xu, Peng-Jun, Insect Molecular Biology, Ph. D.
        Qu, Hui, Endosymbiont, Master
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