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Group of Co-evolution and Molecular Systematics
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Prof. Huang Dawei
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Research Interests

We commit ourselves to inventory of Chinese Chalcidoidea (Insecta: Hymenoptera), especially Agaonidae and Pteromalidae. We focus on both morphological and DNA taxonomy including DNA barcoding.

We concentrate on maternal co-inherited mitochondria and Wolbachia of fig wasps. We sequence mitochondrial genomes from an individual of each fig wasp species to decipher the evolutionary trajectory of the fig wasps by mitochondrial genomic information. We are especially interested in the influence of Wolbachia on the mitochondrial gene polymorphism. We are exploring the mysteries of Numts (nuclear sequences of mitochondrial origin), based on the lineage specific and gene specific phenomena occasionally found in several wasp species from one fig species. To explore the adaptation of fig wasp at genetic level, gene (e.g. visual and olfactory gene) evolution and expression arouse our deep concern. Considering the multi-trophic symbiosis consists of bacteriophage (WO), cytoplasmic endosymbiont (Wolbachia), fig wasp, and fig, coexisting in a enclosed fig, we give priority to the contents of horizontal gene transfer cross domain, between species, and between genomes (mitochondrial vs nuclear).

We utilize bioinformatics to dig the historically and genetically interactive information among species cross domains at hologenome level. 

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