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Group of Systematics and Evolution of Aphids
Brief Introduction
Research Field
Prof. Qiao Gexia
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Yu Juan-Juan Su Xiao-Mei Li Xing-Yi Zhang Rui-Ling
Chen Jing Zhang Hui-Hong Dang Li-Hong Liu Lin
Liu Qing-Hua Huang Li-Na Guo Wen-Ying  

Yu Juan-Juan Ph.D. Student
Tel: +86-10-64807257, E-mail: yujuanjuanli@126.com
M.S. Student 2006 - Present Institute of Zology, CAS
B.S. 2006 Nanjing Agricultural University (Ecology)
Research Focus
Population genetics and molecular ecology of aphids.

Su Xiao-Mei Ph.D Student
Tel: +86-10-64807257, E-mail: sxmeihappy@sohu.com
M.S. Zoology 2008 Guizhou Normal University (Cave animal study)
B.S. 2002 Hebei Normal University (Biological Science)
Research Focus
Taxonomy and phylogeny of aphids.
taxonomy and phylogeny of Myzusini of aphids ( Hemiptera:Aphididae:Macrosiphinae).

Li Xing-Yi Ph.D. Student
Tel: +86-10-64807257,E-mail: idean1982@hotmail.com
B.S. 2007 Peking University (Bio-techology)
Research Focus
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution Biology of Eriosomatinae (Aphidoidea)

Zhang Rui-Ling Ph.D. Student
Tel: +86-10-64807257, E-mail: zruil@live.cn
M.S. Zoology 2009 Shenyang University (Conicera taxonomy)
B.S. 2007 Shandong Normal University (Biotechnology)
Research Focus
Phylogeography of aphids.

Chen Jing M.S. Student
Tel: +86-10-64807257, E-mail: chenjing@ioz.ac.cn
B.S. 2008 Hebei University (Bioscience)
Research Focus
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution of aphids.
1. Chen J, Fang Y, Qiao GX. 2009. Euthoracaphis Takahashi (Hemiptera: Aphididae: Hormaphidinae), a generic account, description of a new species from China, and a key to species. Zootaxa (in press)
2. Chen J, Qiao GX. 2009. A study on diversity of aphid’s galls of Hormaphidinae. Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica, 34: 269-276. (in Chinese with English abstract)

Zhang Hui-Hong M.S. student
Tel: +86-10-64807257, E-mail: zhhsmkxy@163.com
M.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  2007.9—2008.7 Shaanxi Normal University
  2008.8—Now Institute of Zoology,Chinese Academy of Sciences (DNA taxonomy and molecular phylogeny of Aphis craccivora group and Aphis fabae.)
B.S. Biology Science
  2003.9—2007.7 Hebei Langfang Normal College
Research Focus
Molecular phylogenetics of aphids.
DNA taxonomy and molecular phyology of Aphis craccivora group and Aphis fabae

Dang Li-Hong M.S. Student
Tel: +86-10-64807257, E-mail: danglihong@yahoo.com.cn
M.S. Zoology 2007 Shaanxi Normal University (Thysanoptera taxonomy)
B.S. 2003 Shaanxi University of Technology (Bioscience)
Research Focus
Morphology taxonomy of thrips.
Morphology taxonomy of the two genus: Odontothrips and Frankliniella
Dang Li-Hong, Huo Ke-Ke and Zheng Zhe-Min, 2008, Comparative studies on the male genitalia of eight Melanostomini species (Dipiera, Syrphidae, Syrphinae), Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica, 33(3): 558-565.

Liu Lin M.S. Student
Tel: +86-10-64807257, E-mail: liuzheng1982.12@163.com
M.S. Zoology 2009 Institute of Zoology Chinese Academy of Sciences
B.S. 2005 Hebei University (Bioengineering)
Research Focus
Molecular phylogenetics of aphids.
Evolution of mitochondrial genome of aphids.

Liu Qinghua M.S. Student
Tel: +86-10-64807257, E-mail: tiantangliuqinghua@163.com
B.S. 2005 Hebei University (Bioengineering)
Research Focus
Molecular phylogenetics of aphids.
DNA taxonomy of Greenideinae and Thelaxinae.

Huang Li-Na M.S. Student
Tel: +86-10-64807257, E-mail: huanglina29@163.com
B.S. 2004 Chongqing Three Gorges University (Biological Sciences)
Research Focus
Ecology of Thysanoptera insects.
The species diversity of Thysanoptera in Beijing and its around areas.
1. Huang Li-Na, Li Wen-Bin and Lian Zhen-Min, 2009. Loss and Protection of Biodiversity. Journal of Anhui Agri. Sci., 37(5): 2217-2219.
2. Huang Li-Na, Li Wen-Bin and Lian Zhen-Min, Analysis on fauna of Syrphidae in the Beiluohe River basin . Chinese Bulletin of Entomology, (in review).

Guo Wen-Ying M.S. Student
Tel: +86-10-64807257, E-mail: guowenyingyan@126.com
M.S. Zoology 2008 Northeast Normal University (Mitochondrial genome)
B.S.2004 Inner Mongolia Normal University (Bioscience)
Research Focus
Mitochondrial genome of aphids

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