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Group of Systematics and Evolution of Aphids
Brief Introduction
Research Field
Prof. Qiao Gexia
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► Current lab members 

Qiao Ge-Xia Professor/Principal Investigator

Jiang Li-Yun Associate Professor

Wang Zhe Post Doc. 


Yu Juan-Juan Ph.D. Student

Su Xiao-Mei Ph.D. Student

Li Xing-Yi Ph.D. Student

Zhang Rui-Ling Ph.D. Student

Chen Jing M.S. Student

Zhang Hui-Hong M.S. Student

Dang Li-Hong M.S. Student

Liu Lin M.S. Student

Liu Qing-Hua M.S. Student

Huang Li-Na M.S. Student

Guo Wen-Ying M.S. Student 


► Former lab members 

1 Post-Doc fellow

24 Ph.D.

5 M.S.


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